Walking is an inexpensive, easy and pleasant way to stay healthy.

It’s a low impact exercise available to everyone, even people with injuries or the elderly. A new study by researchers at the University of Georgia concludes the elderly who took part in a walking program for four months experienced significant and tangible health benefits versus the ‘non-walkers’.

The benefits of walking for seniors include reducing the risk of heart disease, lowering bad cholesterol (LDL). According to the Stroke Association a half an hour walk every day can reduce the risk of stroke by as much as 27 percent.

An active lifestyle in general and especially for seniors will help reduce the risk of many cancers (such as colon or breast) and it will help you maintain fitness levels. These are connected with healthy weight which in turn reduces the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and immobility. A slow to medium pace, 30 minute walk can burn up to 75 calories!

Furthermore, research confirms that exercise preserves cognitive function and prevents dementia in older age.

It is clear that a simple activity such as walking improves seniors’ quality of life. Being outdoors can help seniors get their vitamin D fix to promote bone health and a strong immune system. Go for a walk with your friends or walk the dog for some outdoor fun. It will release endorphins responsible for happiness and good mood.

With so many advantages, walking is one of the best exercises for seniors. So what are you still waiting for - get your walking shoes on and lets take that Gwee Gym out for a walk!

Walking With A Gwee Gym Exercise 1: Alternating Arm Punches

Walking Boxing With A Gwee GymWrap the Gwee Gym cable behind back holding handles in front of you. Press right arm forward, then return to start. Press left arm forward, then return to start. While walking, continue the alternating arm punches in a fluid motion with strides. Do these for 20 reps, then continue to another move. Return to this in between moves.[/caption]

Walking With A Gwee Gym Exercise 2: Incline Press

Gwee Gym Senior Exercises While Walking Wrap cables behind back, hold handles above shoulders with elbows at 90-degree angles. Extend arms straight up, then return to start position and repeat. If you are coordinated, this can be done while walking, or stop, take a moment to do 12 reps, then go back to walking with alternating arm punches.[/caption]

Walking With A Gwee Gym Exercise 3: Butterfly

Walking Exercises with the Gwee GymHold Gwee Gym handles straight out in front of you. Swing arms outward as far as they can go, making sure to engage upper back muscles to help pull arms outwards. Bring hands back together and repeat for at least 12 reps. Try to do this while walking to bump up the cardio. Return to alternating punches, then move along to another exercise.[/caption]

Walking With a Gwee Gym Exercise 4: Tricep Press

Gwee Gym Tricep Press While Walking Start with handles in front of chest. Press right arm out sideways until fully extended then return to center. Repeat for at least 12 reps, then switch arms.[/caption]

Walking With A Gwee Gym Exercise 5: Reverse Butterfly

Reverse Butterfly with Gwee GymStart with Gwee Gym cables behind back and handles extended forward. Press both arms out sideways until fully extended. Be sure to engage upper back and shoulders. Repeat for at least 12 reps, then go back to alternating arm punches.[/caption]

The key to going for a walk with your Gwee Gym is to continue alternating the different moves through out the walk. This way the arms, shoulders and upper back can get a workout while your legs are getting a workout. When you are ready to take a break, the Gwee Gym can easily be secured around your waist with the velcro straps, or just carry it since it's only 1lb!

If there are other Gwee Gym moves that you also like to do, then definitely rotate them in as well! If you can't do all of them due to injuries or issues, that is fine, the key is to get out there and get walking!