Low Impact Exercises For Lower Back Pain

Low impact aerobic exercise is an excellent way for those who are injured (particularly for people who are suffering from back issues) to still be able to remain fit and stay active. However, it is an activity that we do not think many people are aware of, or they do not take seriously as a form of exercise.

The rate of blood flow to the area of the injury is increased which is crucial for healing. The increased amount of blood travelling to the aggravated area also means that vital nutrients that are able to make their way to the troubled places to speed up the recovery process even more.

Is low impact aerobic exercise the best choice for people with back injuries?

Well it really does depend on the individual and their injuries. Some people still have the ability to be able to partake in some fitness activities, such as running or other type of more intense exercise. Whereas others may not be stable enough to do anything that is too dynamic for their ability at a given time. This is where low impact aerobic exercise comes into play.

Low Impact Exercise is meant to be something that people can ease into without having to be concerned about putting any unwanted pressure onto the spine or joints; it is more of a way of rehabilitating your body, specifically your back, to get stronger. There are a number of different types of low impact workouts that you can choose from and one thing that they all have in common is that they don’t involved straining and pounding joints.

For a lot of people who are experiencing acute back pain, they often find that the pain goes through waves of severity that come and go at random times and for the majority of the cases, a way to try and solve this problem is by slowly strengthening the back. Again, this depends on each individual and how bad their situation is, however, if they take part in low impact aerobics, they can be sure to notice a lot of positive changes, one of the main ones being that they do not undergo the back pain as often.

Those who do not make any effort to try and get themselves active again are more likely to end up with more problems later down the line. This is especially the case if the lower back pain that you are suffering from is chronic due to the fact that your back’s ability to function correctly and healthily will deteriorate over time. Therefore, it is imperative that some form of activity is carried out during the recovery process. I can guarantee that no one wants to be in the position of not being able to do certain things because of an injury, ideally, you would want to recover as fast as possible so that you can get back to your regular life.

Why low impact aerobics though? Well, it is a fairly slow-paced way of exercising where the intensity levels may seem drastically low, however, you would be doing it for quite a long duration of time which would eventually lead to an increase in your heart rate and overall blood flow. But another one of the key events that takes place within your body includes the release of certain chemicals and hormones, particularly endorphins.

When the levels of endorphins in your body are increased, they provide you with a chemical that helps ease pain that you are feeling. Exercising for at least half an hour will ensure that you ramp up the production of this pain-killing chemical which is fantastic as it means that you are less likely to have to constantly be counting on medical painkillers to do the job. Not to mention the fact that your mood will be enhanced.

The psychological aspect to an injury is something that should not be glossed over. There are countless amounts of people who end up falling into a state of depression as a result of being restricted from doing things as their injury prohibits it, and this is understandable. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you would always have to remain depressed while recovering, you want to try and completely shift your mind set to positive thoughts and the release of endorphins is going to help you do this. Exercise is also a fabulous way to beat back depression.

Low impact cardio is the most popular type of activity for people with low back injuries. The main activities include:

  • Walking
  • Biking on a stationary bike
  • Swimming.

These are favored for a reason; they are easy on the back.

When it comes to the walking, this may only need to be done 2-3 times a week and it is a fantastic way to keep yourself active as you are able to get outside and breathe in some fresh air. Alternatively, walking could also be done inside on a treadmill but for the majority of people, but we figure that most of you would like to get outside. The great thing about walking, is that it isn’t absolutely crucial to have equipment, as you can walk wherever you want, indoors or outdoors.

Exercising on a stationary bicycle is also an excellent option for low impact aerobic exercise as people are able to adjust the height and angle of the seat to ensure maximum support for their back. This allows them to solely focus on the activity rather than having to worry about their injury. You can go to spinning classes or simply choose a workout option on the machine, there’s no wrong way of doing it, as long as you are performing the activity on a regular basis for an adequate amount of time.

Swimming provides the opportunity to exercise without placing any stress on joints. The weightlessness of the water is recommended by doctors and physical therapists alike to give the body full range of movement opportunities without being tied to the ground. Swimming is extremely scalable. Aerobic exercise can be obtained with laps, the faster the laps, the more cardio you get.

Low impact exercise for baby boomers and seniors is becoming increasingly more in demand as many of them are looking to try and get into fitness. However, what a lot of elderly people accidentally do is try to accomplish too much within a short amount of time and injuries become the end result. Therefore, it’s recommended that senior people start off with low impact exercise as a means of gaging how capable they are, if they feel as though it is too easy, they can progress on to a slightly more intense exercise routine. But if not, they will still be able to see magnificent and genuine results from low intensity activities.

The Gwee Gym is also a wonderful way to begin a low impact aerobic exercise routine as it provides you with constant tension which is never to forceful or vigorous on your joints and you can get a full range of motion within small spaces. This makes it a superb item for people who think they are unable to exercise as the Gwee Gym can provide a full, cardio workout while sitting in a chair. The intensity provided by the Gwee Gym is similar to the effects of swimming, and it can also be taken on a walk to supply an upper body workout while walking. (See our FAQ’s for more details)

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and we hope that you have learned a little more about what’s involved with low impact aerobic exercise and how the Gwee Gym could be effortlessly incorporated into your routine.