Burnout with Gwee® Gym Pro

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  • Burnout by Gwee Gym - A Total Body Workout Solution

Burnout with Gwee® Gym Pro

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Burnout is not your average Gwee Gym workout program.

It is a new style of training called R.I.P.T., Rapid Integral Performance Training, which gets you results by combining typical isolated moves with the revolutionary Gwee Gym to produce compound movements, for an intense total body workout that continues burning calories hours after the workout is over.

Lifestyle Transformation: Phase 1


Jumpstart Your Metabolism - Burnout focuses on transforming your body from the inside out with a clean, nutrient dense diet to build a solid foundation for results that last. A solid nutrition plan paired with an intense new workout program, burns calories to lose inches.

Begin Shaping Your Body - The constant resistance of the Gwee Gym and cardio of the integral training encourages lean muscle growth so muscles are being sculpted, tones and defined as fat is being burned.

Extreme Yoga Phase 1 - Combine the Gwee Gym Pro with vinyasa yoga to improve strength, stamina and flexibility.

Maximum Performance: Phase 2

Agility, Plyometrics and Intensity - It’s time to turn up the heat with even harder workouts, while adding more lean protein and complex carbohydrates, to maximize lean muscle production. You will challenge your body to reach new levels of fitness.

Strength and Endurance - Interval training with cardio, strength and endurance will help maintain your weight for a lifetime of good health and fitness.

Extreme Yoga Phase 2 - Continue your transformation as your body grows stronger, your mind calmer and your spirit more whole on your quest for personal growth.

Burnout Includes
  • Gwee Gym Pro + Carry Tote
  • Gwee Gym Accessories
  • Exclusive Healthy Eating Guide
  • 10 Burnout Workouts
  • 2 Exclusive Extreme Yoga Workouts
  • Workout Calendar

Fitness Your Way

Dynamic workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime.

Feel Energized

Low-impact, high-repetition keeps you engaged and energized.

Strengthen + Tone

Lose weight safely and quickly at your own pace.