Frequently Asked Questions About The Gwee Gym

What is the resistance of the Gwee Gym Lite vs Gwee Gym Pro?

“The Gwee Gym Lite provides 1.5lbs of constant force tension. The Gwee Gym Pro provides 2.25lbs of constant force tension. ”

The resistance seems very light, how does that offer an effective workout?”

“Don’t be fooled by the seemingly low resistance. The Gwee Gym is designed to provide low impact, constant force and full range of motion movements that maximize your aerobic exercise through multiple repetitions. The tension and benefits are in many ways is similar to swimming in a pool. The Gwee Gym Lite is comparable to the exercise you get when treading water and the Gwee Gym Pro is comparable to the exercise you would get from vigorous swimming.

We encourage customers to try the numerous exercises shown in the video and the accompanying quick guides to find ones that work best for each person’s needs. The exercises will give users the best workout when combined into a 15-20 minute routine where they complete at least 12 repetitions of each move. ”

 Is it possible to increase the resistance on the Gwee Gym Lite or Gwee Gym Pro?

“No, the Gwee Gym Lite & Pro each have one set resistance level. The resistance and tension cannot be changed. The tension was designed to exercise and tone muscles in a manner that maximizes the number and variety of possible exercises for most every muscle group in most every direction.”

How Do You Choose Whether to Order the Gwee Gym Pro or Gwee Gym Lite?

“We suggest most users start with the Gwee Gym Lite, especially if you are a new to exercising, unsure of your exercise abilities, or do not do cardio and weight training regularly.

We suggest the Gwee Gym Pro to those who are more experienced and workout consistently, or to people who lift weights over 10lbs. We have many customers who enjoy the benefits of having one Lite and one Pro; that way they can use the Lite to work arms and shoulders, and use the Pro to work stronger muscle groups, such as legs and abs.”

What Is the Benefit Of Purchasing The Accessory Pack?

“The Accessory Pack gives users the option to take apart the handles of the Gwee Gym and use each handle as a separate unit. This gives users the ability to infinitely and creatively expand their Gwee Gym exercises.

Watch this video on YouTube to see how the Accessories work:

Where can I purchase a Gwee Gym outside of the United States?

If you live in Canada, the Gwee Gym Lite, Pro & Accessories can be purchased on

If you live in the UK, the Gwee Gym Lite & Accessories can be purchased on