What is the GWEE GYM and why does it work?

Constant Force Resistance:

"not changing or varying; uniform; regular;
invariable: the act of stretching or straining."

The Gwee Gym’s handles each contain two, constant force springs connected to spools, wrapped in Kevlar cords. These spools expand and retract as you pull them apart for each repetition applying the SAME AMOUNT of tension on your muscles and joints for the ENTIRE motion.

Taking conventional “stretch bands” to the next level.

Stretchy resistance bands exhibit “Hooks Law” in that they get stronger the further apart they stretch while simultaneously, you get weaker the further your limbs are extended. This causes excess strain on your joins and does not provide fluid exercise to your muscles.

Low Impact

“exercise, typically aerobics, designed to put little or no harmful stress on the body.”

Low impact training, is ideal for toning and cardio as you’ll be doing lots of full extension repetitions with low resistance to sculpt muscles and burn calories.

The Gwee Gym’s Constant Resistance Technology provides you with a Low Impact workout which is a scientifically-proven fitness concept to help you lose weight, safely and effectively. It is the type of equipment that you will love every time you pick it up. It’s versatile and produces results that you can feel after each workout.

Expanding the Function of the Gwee Gym

Connects to the Barrel Clasps of the separated Gwee Gym handles so they can be used independently of each other for faster workouts and double the exercises

Hook & Loop Velcro Straps
Connect to the S-Biner so you can anchor the Gwee Gym handles to doors, chairs and sturdy objects to add more versatility to the workouts.

Ankle Straps
Attach the S-Biners or Kevlar Cord to be able to do simultaneous leg and arm movements using the additional resistance of the Gwee Gym.

Kevlar Cord with Metal O-Ring
Thread through the Ankle Straps to expand the reach of the Gwee Gym cables.

Lightweight! Travel Friendly!


  • Muscle Toning
  • Stretching
  • Walking
  • Physical Therapy
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Cardio
  • Rehab

Burn Calories and Tone Your Body